Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stash Swatches - some Boots 17 polishes

Today I have more swatches from my stash! We are on to my Boots 17 polishes. A little over two years ago, I went to visit my cousin in London. I was thick in the middle of my obsession with nail polish at that time. Ok, alright, I'm still in the thick of it but I've moved past buying polishes indiscriminately now. I'm pickier. I don't buy a ton of polish all at one time. I only get the special ones. Back then, all I cared about was adding to my hoard. So....we ended up there during the winter holidays and we went shopping on Boxing Day. Lots of sales everywhere! I had warned my husband that I was going buy "some" nail polish and he obligingly indulged me and promised not to say anything. I don't think he was expecting me to walk out of those stores with multiple bags of nail polish! The store clerk at a Superdrug asked me if I was going to be starting my own nail salon. I was way too excited with all of my new loot to be embarrassed but I think my husband was a little. Oops. 

Anyway, as a result, I ended up with a few colors that I'm now realizing are either dupes or just not very flattering! This first polish is a fine blue metallic microflakes in blue jelly like base called Navy Glint. It looks metallic in the bottle but applies like a jelly, if that makes sense. I wasn't too happy with the formula. I have a lot of dark blue metallics so I ended up purging this one. As the bottle says, it's a "Fast Finish" so the application was a little tricky since it seemed to dry almost before I had finished applying it. 

NailaDay: Stash swatches - Boots 17 Navy Glint

This next one is a weird bright brassy gold metallic color that I didn't think looked very flattering on me. I kept it because I want to try stamping with it. It does have a mild duochrome effect with it getting darker and more antique gold looking at the edges. This one is called Fury.

NailaDay: Stash swatches - Boots 17 Fury

Finally, this one is a close dupe to the Chanel Peridot type colors. This was three coats and has that gold to green duochrome shift. I know the Peridot rage is all over now but I do still like this type of color. I'll have to compare it to Jessica Iridescence to see how close of a dupe it is. I don't own the original Chanel. This one is called Potion.

NailaDay: Stash swatches - Boots 17 Potion

Again thanks for looking. Are you guys enjoying my stash swatch spam so far?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Barielle Snow Day with holographic sparkle

I'm not usually a fan of silver or grey by itself on my nails but I've found out that if I add a little sparkle or nail art, I like it much better. Barielle Snow Day is a metallic silver color that is the base for this particular mani. I used three coats for complete coverage. It does tend to show brushstrokes which did put me off of it a little bit. I tried to sponge on the last layer to try to get rid of those brushstrokes but it ended up having a speckled look to it that I disliked as well. 

NailaDay: Barielle Snow Day with holographic sparkle

So, what did I do? Love and Beauty "Silver" to the rescue!! This iteration of "Silver" is actually fine holographic particles in a clear suspension base. Much like China Glaze Fairy Dust. Didn't keep me from getting Fairy Dust as well. I think the particles are just the tiniest bit larger in the Love and Beauty polish. It did the trick! I liked it much better all sparkly like this.

NailaDay: Barielle Snow Day with holographic sparkle

NailaDay: Barielle Snow Day with holographic sparkle

I bought the Barielle as part of a set of six from TJ Maxx. You can find them online as well. In future posts I'll show you the swatches of all the Barielle polishes I own so far. The Love and Beauty polishes can be found in Forever 21 stores or on their website.
Again thanks for looking!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Stash Swatches - some A England polishes

I decided sometime towards the end of last year that I was going to create swatches of all the polishes I own. I now own such a boatload of polishes that this project is going to take me years! But, I do have a few under way already. I have my polishes organized alphabetically so that's how I started swatching them. I might not stick to this rule though. I'll never get to my Zoyas! First up are the four A England polishes I have. All of the polish are very opaque holographic polishes. The holographic quality is more scattered than strongly linear and I wasn't really able to get some of them to show that well this time around. They were all either one or two easy coats. These polishes are opaque enough to be stamping polishes.

This first picture is of A England St. George, a wonderful teal holographic polish.
NailaDay - A England swatches - Saint George

This is Lady of the Lake, a really pretty shade of purple.
NailaDay - A England swatches - Lady of the Lake

This gorgeous blue polish is Tristam. There is a slight purple tone to it, making it almost blurple looking in certain lights. Blurple is one of my favorite colors!
NailaDay - A England swatches - Tristam

Finally, this is an older swatch that I've shown on this blog before. I'm showing it here again for completeness sake.
NailaDay - A England swatches - Dragon

I think it will be interesting to see if I'm able to get my entire stash swatched. I haven't put any deadlines on it so I could be doing this for a long long time to come....

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Green on green dots with Urban Outfitter Smush

Oh man, did life get suddenly busy as I'm looking for daycare for my older son! Who knew the waitlists could run so long at some of these places? Kicking myself for not starting earlier but then again, not sure how I could have started earlier with how busy I was. I hope, I hope, I hope we get a good daycare for him!

Anyway, on to the polish!! This is an old old manicure that I'm just getting around to posting now. This is Urban Outfitter Smush. I decorated it with some dots with a few other green polishes. You can see all the polishes I used below. The Sinful Color polish is San Francisco, an awesome shimmery dark green.

NailaDay: Urban Outfitter Smush with green dots

NailaDay: Urban Outfitter Smush with green dots

Even though I wore this a while ago, I remember that Smush was not super easy to work with. Might have been my skill with application or how I tired I was but I remember being very unhappy with how much dragging and streaking I was getting. I'm going to have to try it again sometime to see if that issue is still there. Another thing I remember is how awkward it was for me to hold the bottle and take pictures. It's a fat cube! That being said, the shape is kind of cool and unique.

NailaDay: Urban Outfitter Smush with green dots

Again, thanks for looking! Until next time!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sinful Color I Love You

From the very beginning of my nail polish obsession, I knew that I loved purples. It's probably the color I have the most and I need very little reason to buy more. Sinful Color I Love You was one of the first purples I bought but it took me forever to actually wear it. It has a purple jelly base with microglitters/microflecks that I believe are duochrome purple/gold. It's super pretty and I just love this color!!

NailaDay: Sinful Color I Love You

NailaDay: Sinful Color I Love You

NailaDay: Sinful Color I Love You

What I didn't love so much about this polish was how sheer it was. It took FOUR coats to get sort of opaque and get rid of the visible nail line. Tip shrinkage was inevitable with Seche Vite. Normally, that would keep me from using it again but then again, really pretty purple!! I'll just find a way to make it work with layering or jelly sandwiches. I love the color way too much!

Meanwhile on the home front, working on looking for good daycare options for the older son while trying to figure what the heck the rash is on my baby son's face. He is seriously cute but this rash is very much not :-(

Do you guys have any polishes that you might have otherwise purged if not for how amazing you think the color is?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shimmer Trisha gradient over L.A. Colors Dark Brown

Hello, hello!!

I'm here with another post! I forgot how somewhat time consuming creation of posts can be, and time is a hot commodity these days! For those who care, my family and I are adjusting to life with two little boys fairly well. It's still too early to have have come up with a solid routine but there is a decent one we've settled into that works for now. It will all change again when I have to go back to work so we'll see what happens then.

My post for you today is a simple glitter gradient with a Shimmer polish glitter called Trisha over L.A. Colors Dark Brown. It looks more like a burnt orange color to me and Trisha has orange glitter in it along with a multitude of other colors so that worked out well. I love love love how complex the Shimmer glitters are. I wish I could afford to just get every bottle they have but I contended myself with three...for now. 

NailaDay: Shimmer Trisha gradient over L.A. Colors Dark Brown

I thought I'd bring some extra visual interest (aka, I was bored), by adding some dotted flowers to the ring finger. I think I should have just left it alone now and done the whole nail with glitter or just stuck with the gradient. I love how the glitter pops over black so maybe next time, that's what I should do. 

NailaDay: Shimmer Trisha gradient over L.A. Colors Dark Brown

NailaDay: Shimmer Trisha gradient over L.A. Colors Dark Brown

Hope you enjoyed this mani and thanks for looking!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Salon Perfect How Dare You! with Pure Ice Cheatin'

Hi again!!

I'm so excited to start showing you (hopefully) regular manis again! Let's kick it off with a layered combo that not only works well color wise but name wise as well. Coincidences like that always make me extra happy! This is Salon Perfect How Dare You! with Pure Ice Cheatin'.

NailaDay: Salon Perfect How Dare You! with Pure Ice Cheatin'

How Dare You! is a bright metallic purple. The formula was okay, this took two coats, I think. It was somewhat streaky so I didn't like it by itself a hundred percent. I don't have a picture of it on it's own so you'll have to take my word for it.

NailaDay: Salon Perfect How Dare You! with Pure Ice Cheatin'

The Pure Ice glitter is super pretty. I haven't tried wearing it on it's own but I'm sure it could be built up in two to three coats. As you can see, it has fine purple and blue glitters in a clear base.

NailaDay: Salon Perfect How Dare You! with Pure Ice Cheatin'

Thanks for looking!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New goals, new manis and new additions!!

Wow, so another long absence!! Let me show you the reason for that...

As I'm writing this today, he is a little over two weeks old and between him and his older brother, we are being kept very busy!! However, I am slowly starting to find some time to sit and work on blog posts so hopefully you will be seeing a lot of manis coming up in the next few weeks. I have been keeping up with painting my nails but instead of trying to get nail art done, I've been satisfied with just painting my nails uniformly with a single color and experimenting with layering and mixing polishes. Someday, I will have time for nail art again! I've also been trying to swatch all the polishes in my collection on my nails so once in a while, you might get a deluge of polish swatches you may or may not care about.

I obviously must show you guys what I was wearing on my nails when this guy was born. I was wearing Sally Hansen CSM Indigo Waves and I have terrible pictures of it. I never got around to taking good pictures because I wasn't sure I liked it, I smudged the index finger, wasn't happy with the application etc. Of course, now there's no question of me keeping it :-) It's grown on me and I'll have to wear it again and take better pictures next time. But for now....

NailaDay: Sally Hansen CSM Indigo Waves

This first picture was taken on the way to the hospital, when I realized this was it. The next picture was taken almost a week after I put it on. You can see the growth at the cuticles and I'd filed off some tipwear but it held up pretty well! I thought there would be some duochrome to be seen based on what the bottle looks like but it's hard to see on the nail. I was trying to find it in the above picture.

NailaDay: Sally Hansen CSM Indigo Waves

I have a new favorite regimen for base and top coat. Base coat - Finger Paints base coat. Topcoat - first Revlon Colorstay Topcoat (discontinued, which is why I bought a bunch on Amazon) and Seche Vite immediately afterwards. This combination has been really really good to me so far.

Ok, well thanks for making it this far and hopefully I'll be back soon!

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