Saturday, May 5, 2018

Contrary Polish Feel The Spark (May 2017 PPU)

Hello everyone! A quick post for you guys today. 
The best thing about the Polish Pickup each month is that you get to try out new indie brands without having to worry about crazy fast restocks and shipping costs. I have a number of new brands that I've been able to get to know this way and today's is one of them. This is Contrary Polish Feel The Spark from the May 2017 PPU. The theme was science. I've mentioned I love fuschia shades once or twice before. This definitely falls into that category and I love the touch of holo and shimmer this polish has. 

I stamped with China Glaze Emotion and an image from my PUEEN Encore set of plates a couple of days later.

NailaDay: Contrary Polish Feel The Spark (May 2017 PPU)

NailaDay: Contrary Polish Feel The Spark (May 2017 PPU)

I am loving each month's Polish Pickup so much! This current month is themed the 90's and it's going on right now. So many great polishes available! To be informed of the polishes available each month and to be made aware of when the preorder window is each month, join the Polish Pickup facebook group. 

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