Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sinful Colors Muse

Wow, look at this you guys. I am actually going to show you a polish that is somewhat current! This is Sinful Colors Muse, from the fall Muse collection. Many colors of that collection were new as far as I know. The only ones I already had were Last Chance and Rain Storm.

NailaDay: Sinful Colors Muse

NailaDay: Sinful Colors Muse

The swatches I'm showing here are all without topcoat. That is because right after this, I went ahead and added some accent nails which I'll show you in the next post.

NailaDay: Sinful Colors Muse

As a teaser, this photo is the inspiration for the manicure I'm going to show you in the next post. It turned out neat but maybe not quite how I pictured it in my head. Let's see how close I got, huh?


  1. It's very pretty! I haven't seen this one I sure hope I find it :)

  2. Pretty! Can't wait for the next post, I love fall colors!

  3. this shade looks FABULOUS on you! I really enjoy these types of colors in the fall.

    1. Me too! This collection had other really great colors too that I haven't gotton around to trying yet.


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