Monday, October 1, 2012

Dotty Blue Flowers

Whoo!! This post actually features a current NOTD! I figured I could use my old ones as fill in's if I didn't have a current one to post.

NailaDay: Dotty Blue Flowers

So, there was a time last year when I walked in to a Forever 21 store and walked out a little shell shocked, arms laden with bags, BAGS, of nail polish. I had made such an impression on the sales girl that she recognized me when I walked back in, months later. Well, today's NOTD features two of those polishes. The main color is called Love & Beauty Patina and the accent nail base color is Love & Beauty Aqua.
NailaDay: Dotty Blue Flowers

NailaDay: Dotty Blue Flowers

I have since learned that this particular brand doesn't by any means employ unique names, since I currently own three "Gold", all of which look completely different from each other. The formula on these are hit or miss. Patina was kind of goopy and a little hard to work with but Aqua, on the other hand, is a DREAM! Perfect consistency, coats evenly in two coats, doesn't run or drag. It's great. I free-handed the dots using a dotting tool. I love dots for quick nail art. 


  1. Awesome! Followed your profile link to find your blog too. Woohoo! You've got some great manis here. :)

    1. Hi!! Thanks :) You're sweet. I'm so glad I started this. Somehow, it feels like the next step, or something, lol.


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