Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sangria Stamped

So yesterday I posted a swatch of Savina Sangria. Today I'm going to show you the stamping did over it. This was done with a Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Pen in Fuschia Chrome. The image used is from the Mash m60 plate.

NailaDay: Savina Sangria Stamped

The stamping didn't turn out to be too perfect. They all ended up kind of diagonal but since they all angle the same, I decided to like it. Some of the dots look incomplete but that might have been because I was too focused on putting the cap back on the pen each time before I swiped and stamped. I did wear this for a few days though. I ended up liking it quite a bit.

NailaDay: Savina Sangria Stamped

I was able to take daylight pictures so here is a full sun pictures.

NailaDay: Savina Sangria Stamped

I also thought a little bit further away picture might be good.

NailaDay: Savina Sangria Stamped

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