Monday, April 29, 2013

Wet n Wild Don't Break the Circuit (topcoat fail)

Hi everyone! This is the last of the blue manis from my blue week. This one I'm not so proud of. It looked good for maybe 20 minutes and then I ruined it :-( This is Wet n' Wild Magnetic Don't Break the Circuit.

NailaDay: Wet n' Wild Magnetic Don't Break the Circuit

It looks nice right? Beautiful blue color, strong magnetic stripes. The magnet itself doesn't have a finger rest on it so I accidentally bumped my index finger nail on it but no big deal. It was a small mistake compared to all the trouble I've had with it in the past. The one disappointment I did have was that when I first bought it, the polish looked like it actually had holographic particles in it. But when I worse, I didn't see a one, not in the bottle or my nails. Rite Aid lights fooled me!!

NailaDay: Wet n' Wild Magnetic Don't Break the Circuit

I usually don't take pictures of my nails if the next step is to just topcoat it. If I'm going to be doing more nail art, I might not bother. Something was nagging me about the topcoat step, though, so I decided to heck with it, I'll take pictures! I'm glad I did. My next step was to use Diamond Dry topcoat and this is what happened...

NailaDay: Wet n' Wild Magnetic Don't Break the Circuit

Whaa...? I lost my crisp lines! Maybe it's because I used the topcoat I did, maybe it's because I used a topcoat at all. But I didn't like it. I ended up putting some Revlon Blue Mosaic on the tips as a gradient but I still didn't like it. It came off the next day.

NailaDay: Wet n' Wild Magnetic Don't Break the Circuit and Revlon Blue Mosaic

Has this happened to anyone using topcoats and magnetic polishes? I haven't used many magnetics but this was a new one for me.


  1. Where have I been? I didn't even know Wet n Wild had magnetics. Well maybe I didn't know because I have no Rite Aids in my area oh well shucks. Lol! It's a beautiful blue and the lines are really crisp. I wonder what caused the lines to blur out? Was it thoroughly dry before adding on topcoat? Lol! thoses store lights have fooled me lots of times :)

  2. Hah, goes to show you how behind I am on posting things. They had them a while ago. I'm kind of in a love/hate relationship with magnetics. I want them to look so cool but it's such a struggle for me! Stupid topcoat and stupid C-curve! (the magnet effect doesn't reach the sides of my nails)


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