Saturday, August 3, 2013

Too special to wear: Color Club Miss Bliss and Sunday Stamping

Hi guys! Look at me, I'm on a roll here. Another post and it's only been a couple of days??

So, before I launch into the polish itself, let me tell you a little bit about me. I think there are two kinds of people in the world. When given a bunch of different items, there are those that will dive into the most interesting, the best loved items first and then move on to the less interesting ones later, if at all. Then there are those that will convince themselves that by plodding through the less interesting, less tasty stuff first, they can truly enjoy the best ones at the end. I'm part of the second group. I've always saved the best for last and when it comes to my nail polish collection, that means that I save all the "special" polish for a special time. As time has gone by, I've realized that I have a lot of shades that I haven't even tried because they are "too special to use just now". I've decided that I want to stop that. I have too many cool shades just sitting in my collection waiting for me to decide that now is the right time. So, now I'm going to bring them out and put them in a series of stuff I thought was too special to wear. I think you guys will be surprised by some of the polishes I put off for this reason.

NailaDay: Color Club Miss Bliss

The first one is Color Club Miss Bliss. I have a pretty decent collection of holographic polishes now but you guys haven't seen any of them because I kept thinking I didn't have a good enough reason to wear them yet. I had to have a cool design planned, a special occasion, it just wasn't sunny enough. Well, Miss Bliss is going to be the first representative of my holographic collection. This shade is from the Holographic Hues spring 2013 collection. I didn't have any plans for any designs when I first wore it, and that was kind of liberating!

NailaDay: Color Club Miss Bliss

The picture above is in sunlight. The picture below is in shade. I did end up putting a little something on the ring finger with striping tape and Color Club Eternal Bliss which you can see much better when it isn't in full sun.

NailaDay: Color Club Miss Bliss

And just so happened that I had just enough time to use this mani as the base for the Sunday Stamping Challenge over at Adventures in Stamping Facebook group. The challenge was simple: use a plate that ends with the number 8. So, I did this...

NailaDay: Color Club Miss Bliss with gradient stamping

This is a gradient stamping using three colors. Petites CQ Raspberry Ice, Petites CQ Black Diamond, SH Insta-Dri Pronto Purple. The plate is a Cheeky plate CH48.

NailaDay: Color Club Miss Bliss with gradient stamping

This is the first time I've tried gradient stamping. I really liked it and it wasn't too hard! You may be able to see the gradient better here.

NailaDay: Color Club Miss Bliss with gradient stamping

What do you guys think?

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  1. I love this polish, and the stamping too! So cool that we're both in the Stamping group :). Thanks for the Facebook comment!


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