Friday, August 30, 2013

Nubar Duochromes: Purple Beach

Hi everyone!

So, I've finally started to get used to the multiple nighttime awakenings. I even managed to get a nap in on a couple of days here and there! I don't know how long it's going to last but one thing I've figured out is to get anything done, carrying him around in a wrap really works. Five minutes after putting him in one of those, he is fast asleep.

So, on to nail polish. Today's post is part two of the Nubar Duochrome swatches. This is Purple Beach. In the bottle it looks sort of greyish with a purple shimmer. The purple shimmer in this is stronger than in Indigo Illusion. The links below can take you to the other swatches:
             Indigo Illusion
             Iris Dust
             Moon Eclipse

NailaDay: Nubar Purple Beach

It also has a green shift when viewed at an angle.

NailaDay: Nubar Purple Beach

Here are a couple of pictures in sunlight.

NailaDay: Nubar Purple Beach

NailaDay: Nubar Purple Beach

Here is a collage of what the color shift looks like in my lightbox.

NailaDay: Nubar Purple Beach

This is a sunlight collage.

NailaDay: Nubar Purple Beach

And, of course, here's the video!

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