Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another tutorial! My raggedy brushstroke design.

Hi folks! What? Another post by me already? This is sort of a quick and dirty post. I have a tutorial for you based on my recent two manis here and here using the raggedy brushstroke technique.

NailaDay: Raggedy Brushstroke design tutorial

A couple of tips:
1. Make sure each color is mostly if not all the way dry before going to the next color. Shouldn't take long.
2. Don't have the brush too heavily laden with polish because you want it to run out and fade as you get to the end.
3. Use a light hand when stroking the colors down the nail. You can lean a little heavier on the brush close to the base but lighten up as you get to the end of the stroke.
4. It actually helped me to have a cheap brush that didn't give me perfect straight thin lines. It helped with the raggedy look.

I got my brush as part of a set on Ebay.

I truly don't know if there is much that is completely original regarding simple nail art anymore because so many of us arrive at the same technique and design independently. So, of course, during an internet search, I found a YouTube video of something similar to this done by SimpleNailArtDesigns. I would be remiss if I didn't show you this video because I think it's fantastic for those who want to see it being done.

How did I do with my tutorial? Was it a flub or actually helpful?


  1. cool thank you for sharing. how's work going?

  2. You're welcome :-) Work is going well! Thanks for asking.


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