Monday, July 8, 2013

Zoya Summer Pixie Dust collection Rainbow Gradient

Hi folks! Hope everyone had a good fourth of July weekend. Mine flew by way too fast, of course. Now, here we are, back at the beginning of another week. 

I do have a bright mani to start things off, though! I wore this about two weeks ago and didn't take it off for a whole week! Could you blame me? Look how pretty! 

NailaDay: Zoya PixieDust Summer Rainbow gradient

This mani was done with the entire Zoya Summer Pixie Dust collection. The colors from the outermost thumb to the outermost pinky nail are as follows with a very simplified description of the color:
    Zoya Solange - Yellow
    Zoya Beatrix - Orange
    Zoya Destiny - Red
    Zoya Miranda - Dark Pink
    Zoya Stevie - Lavender
    Zoya Liberty - Blue

For the gradient look, it was actually super easy. I just painted the two colors next to each other on each nail. Then, on a piece of foil, I mixed a drop of each color together and painted that mix in a single stripe right down the middle of the nail. With the consistency of the pixie dust polishes, this method seemed to work really well! I just repeated this for a second or third coat and I was done! No sponge necessary.

NailaDay: Zoya PixieDust Summer Rainbow gradient

There was no sun out when the pictures were being taken so you can't see the sparkliness of it all but, it was there!

NailaDay: Zoya PixieDust Summer Rainbow gradient

In the removal process, Liberty (the blue) was the only one that really showed a tendency to stain my nails. That one is going to require two layers of basecoat in the future. I also ended up using the foil method for the removal. I think it's very necessary. This is the first time I've done the whole rainbow gradient thing. I think it's going to have to happen again. I think I know what other unique polishes I'm going to use for it too. Keep your eyes peeled!


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