Monday, December 9, 2013

Savina Marine Life with loose glitter

Hi everyone!
Life is so so busy right now! I am still painting my nails but only about once a week. That's about as frequently as I can create a blog post as well. And that is with great effort! So, without much ado, here is Savina Marine Life. A very vibrant sea green color. In real life it is even more greenish that these pictures show it to be. 

NailaDay: Savina Marine Life with loose glitter skittlette

For the "art" part of it, I did some glitter placement with some iridescent hex glitter from TJ Maxx. It was part of a set of various colored glitter by Martha Stewart. Believe it or not, it had both larger hexes and fine loose glitter in almost the exact shade of green as Marine Life. Of course, I had to use them :-) This was my first time using loose glitter. I just painted the color, then a coat of clear and sprinkled and patted the loose glitter on the nail while it was still wet. Then, once dry, I brushed off any glitter that didn't stick. Removal wasn't too much of a pain either! It was so sparkly!

NailaDay: Savina Marine Life with loose glitter skittlette


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