Saturday, July 27, 2013

Instafranken Fun Friday: Or, how I utterly failed at a Chanel Taboo Franken attempt

Hi all!

It's another franken fun Friday and today I am going to show you my attempt at recreating what I thought Chanel Taboo looked like from memory. Yeah....don't do that. Granted, it wasn't a very intense effort. As usual, I just took a few polishes that I thought would look interesting together, put a few drops of each in a tiny foil cup and painted my nails with it such I have demonstrated in this post. It came out nothing like Chanel Taboo but I thought it was pretty all the same!

NailaDay: Insta-franken failed Chanel Taboo attempt

These are the three polishes I mixed together. Sally Hansen Brilliant (which I also used as my first coat), Sally Hansen HD Laser and Revlon Spice It Up. I didn't have any specific proportions, just a couple of drops of each. 

NailaDay: Insta-franken failed Chanel Taboo attempt

Maybe if I were to attempt it again, I'd add more of a purple to Revlon Grape or something. I did jazz it up with some hand placed holographic gold glitter. Here is a picture in the sun. 

NailaDay: Insta-franken failed Chanel Taboo attempt with holo gold glitter

I loved this so much! I made a video to really show off the sparkle of the holo glitter! I see more hand placed glitter in my life...

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