Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Zoya Dahlia and Confetti Dance Party Pink skittlette

Hi folks! I've got another skittlette for you today! This time I mixed textures and I really liked the end result. I have become addicted to the skittlette ever since I saw Marta from ChitChatNails coin the term. I love every single skittlette she comes up with, which I can't say the same for mine. I do love this one though!

NailaDay: Zoya Dahlia and Confetti Dance Party Pink skittlette

The polishes I used here are Zoya Dahlia which is the black texture polish and Confetti Dance Party Pink. Isn't that just the most yummy pale pink ever? I believe that was three coats. Two coats for Dahlia. Then for accents, I did a hand placed glitter accent on the ring finger with black hexes and hot pink iridescent hexes. On the middle finger, I stamped using an image from Gals Fairy Set plate GA30 again. I added those hand placed glitters on the stamped image as well. One thing I didn't like about this image is that I couldn't get it to stamp on my full nail. Otherwise, I'd have been 100% happy with this mani. What do you guys think? I'm on a roll with these hand placed glitters here.

NailaDay: Zoya Dahlia and Confetti Dance Party Pink skittlette


  1. Uauuu

    how beautiful...
    Eva -

  2. The hand placed glitter is perfect!

  3. Thank you Deborah! I really like this way of using glitter now.

  4. Thank you!! And I saw your blog and loved it! Count me in a new follower :-)


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