Thursday, October 31, 2013

October manis

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe Halloween! About to get my boy in his skeleton costume and hand out candy to the trick or treaters!

For today's post, I debated doing another Halloween mani for you guys. But, seeing as how it's already Oct 31st and I didn't get my act together in time to do one, I decided to do a post of this month's manis instead. I always mean to do a summary post at the end of each month but always forget :-(

Anyways, I started off this month celebrating my one year blogiversay with Hits Mari Moon Cutie Pie, amazing multichrome polish

NailaDay: Hits Mari Moon Cutie Pie

NailaDay: Hits Mari Moon Cutie Pie

Then, the first of the two orange polishes I wore this month, China Glaze Riveting. I experimented with hand placed glitter on this one.

NailaDay: China Glaze Riveting

NailaDay: China Glaze Riveting Skittlette

This month, I participated in more Adventures in Stamping Sunday Stamping challenges than ever before. Here is the first of them, stamping over black. I recreated an amazing mani by nailXchange on MUA.

NailaDay: Oil slick butterfly wings using China Glaze Romantique colors

I kept going with my new hand placed glitter accent kick and mixed some textures in this next skittlette mani using Confetti Dance Party Pink and Zoya Dahlia.

NailaDay: Zoya Dahlia and Confetti Dance Party Pink skittlette

Then I had to do it again here with Icing polishes. Icing Sand in Sunset and Blow Pop skittlette.

NailaDay: Icing Blow Pop and Sand in Sunset skittlette

Next my second of the three Sunday stamping challenges I did this month and the second amazing orange I wore, a holo this time! This is stamping with Bundle Monster images over Jade Uau!

NailaDay: Adventures in Stamping Sunday Stamping: Jade Uau! with Halloween stamping

Here is Jade Uau! by itself. What a stunner!! I already want to wear it again but it's too bad the sun has left us here.

NailaDay: Jade Uau!

NailaDay: Jade Uau!

Finally, another Halloween mani for the month. With this one, for the first time, I used a combination of randomly hand placed matte glitters with a glitter polish to create a different look. I also used the stamping decal technique for the first time with the skull's eyes.

NailaDay: Black and White Halloween mani with Hard Candy Black Tie Optional

Finally, no manis, just a post about my sweet boy and pumpkin carving.

Nail a Day: On a personal note....pumpkin carving!

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