Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hello Everyone!

After being addicted to all things nail polish for the last year or so, and learning to take care of my nails and paint the perfect manicure, I finally decided that I wanted to take things one step further and share my addiction with the rest of the world. I've had multiple people, including strangers, tell me now that I should start a blog and I figured, why not? I have a huge backlog of manis that I can show to start with and I think it's a great way to add another dimension to an already favorite hobby. You might find some non nail polish stuff sneaking in here once in a while since I have other hobbies too but I'll try to keep it mostly polish related :-)

To start with, I'm going to bring an old favorite out of the vault. Hard Candy Beetle. This is a very easy to find, shimmery duochrome. Any Walmart should carry it.

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