Monday, April 21, 2014

My last snowflake mani

Hi everyone!

So, I think, I hope, last week was the last of the snow we are going to see around these parts. Spring is stumbling in and summer is around the corner and I can't wait!! I figured I better put up my last snowflake mani for this year. This has been sitting around for a while. Obviously, I haven't really been keeping up with this blog much lately. I hope to keep it going enough that when I finally get time in my life to get back to it, I still can.

NailaDay: Sparkly grey franken with snowflakes

The base for this mani is a sparkly grey concoction that I came up with a long long time ago. I'm not even sure of all the polishes that are in there but off the top of my head I can think of Revlon Carbonite, Wet n Wild The Gold and the Beautiful, Milani Silver Dazzle and Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty. It's sparkly!

NailaDay: Sparkly grey franken with snowflakes

I stamped it with snowflakes from Bundle Monster BM 323 plate again, just like I did with Orly Stone Cold. Basically, I had that stamp sitting out, I was feeling to rushed to find another design and I went for it.

NailaDay: Sparkly grey franken with snowflakes

I tried to do some sort of double stamp initially. I started with the ring finger. Then I decided I didn't have time for all that, so I left it as an accent nail. It sort of works....maybe. 

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