Sunday, November 30, 2014

I'm back!! Maybe. Or just visiting....

Hi everybody!

Wow, it has been a long time since I've paid attention to this blog. I was never going to let it go completely but I had to put it on hiatus for a little while. My little guy has been occupying my time quite a bit and....we have a second one on the way!!! Needless to say, there were times when even just painting my nails was low down on the list, never mind blogging about it. Things have settled into somewhat of a groove now. Long naps by the kiddo have something to do with me getting a little more time to do my nails. Nowhere near where it used to be but doable. I thought I'd slowly start working my way back to posting some manis now and then. I'm sure there will be more hiatuses in my future but for now, here's another mani!

NailaDay: Zoya Blaze with flowers and stripes

This is Zoya Blaze with a stamped design on the ring finger and a taped design on the middle. Those squares were done by painting black polish on a stamper, letting it dry then cutting out the square shape.

NailaDay: Zoya Blaze with flowers and stripes

Are any of you guys still with me? Lol.

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