Monday, October 12, 2015

Stash Swatch: Barielle Gelt Me To The Party and Out-grey-geous

Hi everybody! I've got a few minutes to show you a couple more swatches. Barielle polishes again. 

This first one is Barielle Gelt me to the Party. Looking at this color now, it really makes me wonder how close it is to Essie Leggy Legend from this year's fall collection. I'm not sure how I feel about this color against my skin so I don't know if I'll ever own Leggy Legend to compare. It's very interesting though and so I don't think I'll let go of it just yet. It has to be one of the most unique polishes in my collection. 

NailaDay: Stash Swatch - Barielle Gelt Me To The Party

NailaDay: Stash Swatch - Barielle Gelt Me To The Party

This next color is a very interesting one as well. This is Barielle Out-grey-geous. At a quick glance, it very much looks like I took a graphite pencil and colored all over my nails like I used to do in middle school when I got really bored in class. Except, you know, topcoated. It amused me, it was interesting. I'm sure I'd get bored with it somewhat quickly. Grey is not so much my thing...even though I have several shades of it. This one is a little more unique because of all those little gold sparkles in it. 

NailaDay: Stash Swatch - Barielle Out-grey-geous

NailaDay: Stash Swatch - Barielle Out-grey-geous

Ok, see you next time. I just realized it will be my 200th post!! Gotta make it a good one. I need to think about it. 

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