Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tonic Polish Lula

Hello everyone!

So, I have fallen hard into the indie polish rabbit hole lately. I've been into indie polish for a while but I recently joined a bunch of Facebook polish groups and a whole new world of indie polish has opened up! My latest obsession is Tonic Polish. For some reason, this woman's polishes speak to my soul. Well, mine and a lot of other people's as well since this brand seems to be extremely popular. I guess it really emerged in the last year or so and gained popularity quickly. When I finally came out from under my rock, I tried to catch up quickly.

One of the polishes I got in my recent haul is Lula. This is from the first Interlude collection and it's described as follows: "Lula is a purple polish with strong red shimmer and a sprinkling of silver holographic micro glitters."  That is a pretty accurate description, I'd say. The purple is a true purple, doesn't lean too much in the blue or red direction. Holographic micro glitters really make this polish special. They are scattered enough that you can pick them out individually and they twinkle like little lights in the polish!

Okay, here are some pictures.

NailaDay: Tonic Polish Lula

NailaDay: Tonic Polish Lula

This polish truly looked different in different lighting. I took a bunch of pictures from my phone in different spots because I was fascinated.

NailaDay: Tonic Polish Lula

NailaDay: Tonic Polish Lula

NailaDay: Tonic Polish Lula

All the same polish! I cannot wait to get into more of my haul. It looks like every single one is going to be a winner. You can purchase this and other polishes from Color 4 Nails website or from the Tonic Polish website itself.

Thanks for looking!

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