Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tonic Polish Lula with ILNP The Magician

Hi everybody!
My post today is just an extension of the last post. A day or so before I took off my last mani, I layered it with the latest resurgence of the much loved sparkly red/green/gold pigment, aka Unicorn Pee! I had obtained the actual powder for this color shifting powder as a well as a couple of others (red/gold and blue/green) from another blogger years ago. I had made my own topper by mixing it with some clear polish and suspension base and I have used it a couple of times in the past. I am stunned that I haven't posted those manis here yet. Although, actually I'm not. I have an long array of manis that I've photographed, watermarked and filed and yet still have to blog about. *sigh*
Anyway, the point is, I had the pigment already and I tried really really hard to resist buying The Magician from ILNP. I finally caved when I realized that I could use the bottle from ILNP as my official Unicorn Pee bottle and just refill it with my own pigment as the fill line got lower. Any excuse, right!?

I got the bottle in the mail while I was wearing Tonic Polish Lula and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out! I could compare it to my own franken as well. So, I wore a layer of each on different fingers and here is the result!

NailaDay: Tonic Polish Lula with ILNP The Magician

NailaDay: Tonic Polish Lula with ILNP The Magician

NailaDay: Tonic Polish Lula with ILNP The Magician

NailaDay: Tonic Polish Lula with ILNP The Magician

Can you tell which one is which? My franken is on the pointer and ring fingers. The Magician is on the middle and pinky fingers. Not sure if you guys can tell but I think my franken has more of the pigment in it. There was a time when I thought it wasn't dense enough so I added a little more pigment to it. Otherwise, they're the same!

It was truly magical over Lula. Those holographic glitters peeking through the color shifting pigment is amazing! I am concocting a scenario where I put tiny holographic glitter, iridescent flakies and Unicorn Pee all in one glorious topper!!

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