Friday, September 20, 2013

Instafranken Friday: Sation Super Nail-tural Powers based franken

So, I know I suck at coming up with creative titles for my posts. By the time I'm done taking the pictures, uploading, cropping, watermarking and putting together the post, my thinking power is shot in terms of the post title. Where I do like to get creative is thinking of combination of polishes that come together to create something unique and interesting. I completely understand why there are so many indie polish makers out there now. Frankening is awesome!! I'll never get into it to the point where I'd mass produce and sell my creations. (I'm not sure they are really sell worthy anyway). I just love knowing that for a time, I had something completely unique on my nails. 

To create this look, I mixed the following polishes in a little foil cup. Sation Super Nail-tural Powers, Jordana Copper Blaze, Love and Beauty Purple Holo glitter and matte neon hex glitter. I would add more drops of polish if I ran low, thinner if it got too goopy. To see a summary of the process, go to this blog post. I haven't included pictures of what the mixed product looks like in the foil cup. If you guys are interested in that, let me know!! This is two coats.

Here it is in sunlight.

This is my first Sation polish and it did not disappoint. I can't comment on it as worn by itself because this is my first time using it. I got it on discount from TJ Maxx sometime recently. I love these colors that are a cross between blue and purple. They make me feel happy :-) In this particular franken, the addiction of neon green glitters make me extra happy!

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