Friday, July 1, 2016

Barry M Indigo with Finger Paints Daubigny's Garden

So, since my last post, things have pretty much gone back to normal at Casa NailaDay after the vacation. I'm looking at the vacation photos and dreaming of the next one already. 

For today's post, I'm back to digging in the vault to show you an old one, since I will forever be playing catch up it seems. I wore this over a year ago, all the way back in probably Jan 2015. I had been wearing Barry M Indigo, a polish I loved so madly when I saw it at the store that I instantly bought a backup, when I went to Sally's just to look around. I saw Finger Paints Daubigny's Garden sitting on the shelf looking all sparkly and mysterious, and I knew they were a perfect match. I brought it home and did this mani. This is one coat of Daubigny's Garden dabbed over three coats of Barry M Indigo. 

NailaDay: Barry M Indigo with Finger Paints Daubigny's Garden

In the bottle and over dark colors, the glitters in FP Daubigny's Garden have a green/gold duochrome shift. In the bottle there are some purple flashes as well but I didn't see it over the base of Barry M Indigo, I guess because it's also purplish. I will have to try it over lighter colors to see what other colors this chameleon glitter polish changes to. A quick internet search shows that the purple shade is more prominent over lighter colors.

NailaDay: Barry M Indigo with Finger Paints Daubigny's Garden

Here's a low light picture to really capture the duochromy shiftiness of the glitters in Daubigny's Garden.

NailaDay: Barry M Indigo with Finger Paints Daubigny's Garden

Here is my swach of Barry M Indigo, three coats. It was slightly harder to use than I had anticipated. The color is dark but the formula still required three coats for even coverage. I was hoping it would therefore have a more jelly like look but it doesn't so much in person. The brand new fresh coat of Seche Vite makes it looks wet in this picture but I got shrinkage soon after. I'll have to try it will Gelibility to see if that will solve some of these issues because I really do love the color. It's a blurple color but my camera kept wanting to take the purple out of it so I color corrected it by warming up the tone a bit. Now the color is accurate but my hands look jaundiced.

NailaDay: Barry M Indigo

NailaDay: Barry M Indigo

That's all folks. Again, thanks for looking!! Until next time!

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