Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Broadway Dark Night with red-green-gold shifting pigment (aka Unicorn Pee)

There is a lot of hype right now with this red/green/gold color shifting pigment. It started off with Clarins 230, something I'll never get my hands on, THE Unicorn Pee. Then, (and I consider myself lucky to have gotten into nail polish long enough ago that I could do this,) I saw that Cathy from More Nail Polish got her hands on some of that color shifting pigment and was offering it to her readers...even internationally! I am so thankful to her to this day. She is an amazing lady who parted with this and a gold-green and a green-blue color shifting pigment for dirt cheap. This pigment really is gorgeous and looks amazing over blues and purples! That didn't prevent me from getting a bottle of ILNP's The Magician but I'm sure I could have not bothered.

NailaDay: Broadway Dark Night with red-green shifting pigment

I had a hard time getting the green shift on camera for some reason so you will just have to see the awesomeness of the red shift. This is one coat of my franken with the red-green pigment over Broadway Dark Night.

NailaDay: Broadway Dark Night with red-green shifting pigment

NailaDay: Broadway Dark Night with red-green shifting pigmentNailaDay: Broadway Dark Night with red/green color shift pigment

I will have to wear it again and show better pictures of it another time. Until next time!

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