Thursday, June 15, 2017

Born Pretty Holo #4

A long time ago, a time when you weren't tripping over a holographic polish every time you turned around, when indie holographic polish was just starting to become a thing, I found out that the Born Pretty Store carried holographic polishes and they were a reasonable price for a small 6 ml bottle. Well, I surely did get myself a bunch of colors and this is one of them. They don't have any fancy names. This one is just called #4. These days, this would be a fairly ho hum holo polish. Nothing fancy, no shimmer, no glitter, no flakies. Definitely no multichrome pigment added. Just a lovely pinky/red/coral (what the hell is this color? Watermelon?) straight holo. And I wore it that way. This is three coats. No stamping, no gradient, no art. It was very pretty. 

NailaDay: Born Pretty Holo #4

NailaDay: Born Pretty Holo #4

NailaDay: Born Pretty Holo #4

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