Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Polished For Days Anemone

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another indie polish that I’m loving. I have not posted about their brand before. I first noticed them when I started buying the For The Love Of Polish box from their website. Then I started browsing the other polishes offered and really loved a bunch of them. The brand is Polished For Days and the polish is Anemone.

NailaDay: Polished For Days Anemone

This is from the June 2017 FTLOP box. According to the description on the original swatch post by DeLicious Nails, this polish is made up of a purple holographic base with bronze and rose gold flakes, sterling silver flakes, holo flakes, and green/gold/blue chrome flakes. Now that I know all of that is in there, I can pick them out. Otherwise, it looks like a lovely sparkly holographic chrome flake polish in a pale lavender color. As with all these polishes, it comes alive in directed light, especially sunlight. In the shade, it’s still lovely but sedate.

NailaDay: Polished For Days Anemone

I’ll post a few more pictures in different lighting. What I also discovered with this polish is that the formula for this was amazing. I applied two coats with no difficulty at all. It dries smooth and even. Soon after I applied the polish but before the topcoat, I had to suddenly take care of removing and washing my son’s sheets due to a vomiting incident and I was convinced I would have to redo my nails. I only ended up having to fix the tips of a couple of them. It dried so fast and held on really well.

NailaDay: Polished For Days Anemone

NailaDay: Polished For Days Anemone

I really hope indie polish never goes away. I don't think it will. I can't believe the breadth of creativity of all these makers with their polish creations. Now with these curated and themed boxes, special Facebook group offerings, special limited editions like the Polish Pickup monthly polishses, I keep finding new brands and finishes and it's nuts! I wish I could own them all!

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