Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Savina Sparkling Water Vines

This is going to be a brief one. I decided I liked the Savina polish I used yesterday enough to keep it on and try something else with it. I took the 'staches off and added some vines from the Bundle Monster plate 225 and Wet n Wild black. I do like this look. The color of the blue is really nice and the holographic sparkle is pretty. Maybe I'm just in a better mood...?

NailaDay: Savina Sparkling Water Vines

NailaDay: Savina Sparkling Water Vines


  1. Yes it is a beautiful polish and I absolutely love it with the stamping over it :)

  2. Ooo you go with the stamping! I am hopeless at stamping but I think it is a beautiful technique.

    1. Thank you! Whoever invented the stamping was genius!


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