Monday, August 3, 2015

Stash Swatch - 2true Glitterati Shade 3 and a comparison

Here is the last of my 2true polishes, a shade from the Glitterati collection, Shade 3. When I first got it, I couldn't figure out why it looked so familiar until with a sinking feeling I wondered if I had inadvertently bought a dupe for Deborah Lippman Across the Universe. This would be especially bad since I already had Icing Hey Sailor Boy, another ATU look-a-like. When I finally got a chance to swatch the 2true polish, I decided to do some comparisons, which you can see below.

NailaDay: 2true Glitterati Shade 3

I wore Shade 3 (what a boring name) with three coats. It's very jelly like so even with four coats, you can see some nail line. In the future, I'll have to layer it over something. Revlon Royal maybe?

NailaDay: 2true Glitterati Shade 3

NailaDay: 2true Glitterati Shade 3

Even just looking at the bottles, I could tell immediately that they were not dupes. The 2true polish is a much lighter blue and more sheer.

NailaDay: 2true Glitterati Shade 3

I only wore Icing Hey Sailor Boy and DL Across the Universe next to each other because the differences between those and the 2true polish were large enough that I didn't need side by side comparisons. These two on the other hand....

Well, no dupes here either. Even at one coat, you can see that the DL polish has a darker base. The glitter ratio and type seem to be about the same, though. 

At three coats, you can still tell they are different, although you probably don't need both. If I had to purge, I would probably get rid of the Icing polish since it seems to straddle a line between the other two in terms of the color of blue and sheerness. Lucky for me, I don't feel the urge to purge just yet!

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