Friday, May 12, 2017

Barry M Cosmic Glow

Hello everyone!
A little magnetic fun for you guys today. This is one of the nail polish trends that I will never get tired of. I gave up on them for a while since I thought my nails were too curved for this to look pretty with. Then I realized, it was only certain designs that I didn't like, not the magnetic effect itself. This polish, Barry M Cosmic Glow, came with a magnet that seemed to actually work with my nails. I also absolutely love the holographic particles in this polish!

NailaDay: Barry M Cosmic Glow

This polish was released in 2012 along with a few other magnetic colors. This was the only one with holographic glitter in it so the only one I felt like picking up!

NailaDay: Barry M Cosmic Glow

As with magnetic polishes in general, this took about two coats. I did not use the magnet with the first coat and only used it with the second coat. I've had a lot of trial and error with magnetic polishes in the past which let me get the best out of this one. Even so, I still got a little smudge on my ring finger where I got too close to the magnet.

NailaDay: Barry M Cosmic Glow

I was super worried that my topcoat would smear my lines as it has done so in the past, so I let it dry for a long long time before putting the topcoat on. I used Seche Vite here. Even then, there was some blurring. This is the crispest they were. They kind of spread out slightly over time. Something I wish I had known about magnetic polishes ahead of time so I wouldn't have been so disappointed when I first started using them. Now that we have those very strong neodymium magnets, I have been itching to try it with these polishes.

And that's it! See you guys next time!

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