Monday, March 4, 2013

Sinful Colors Athens with Zoya Ivanka Gradient

Good Monday morning everyone! Maybe it's not so good for everyone, in which case I hope the week only gets better. Also, I'd like to say a thank you to all my followers. I even managed to get a few new ones while I was somewhat MIA over the last couple of months. I started this blog and maintain it solely for distraction and enjoyment and as a way to do something completely different from my everyday life. It means a lot to me that you guys actually appreciate what I have on the blog to the point that you would want to come back another day! Someday soon, I'll have to thank you guys by doing some sort of giveaway.

Today's post shows part of one of my favorite manis from last month. I must have been channeling my need for spring when I created this because outside it looked like this:

I chose Sinful Colors Athens for the base of the mani and I sponged Zoya Ivanka on to the tips. I have not worn Ivanka on it's own yet but it was subtly gorgeous as the gradient on this mani.

NailaDay: Sinful Colors Athens with Zoya Ivanka gradient

Athens itself is a lovely polish. I loved it as much as I have loved all the recent Sinful Colors creams that they put out last year. This was two coats, minimal dragging, no pooling.

NailaDay: Sinful Colors Athens with Zoya Ivanka gradient

NailaDay: Sinful Colors Athens with Zoya Ivanka gradient

The spring time wish will be more evident in the next post when I show you what I added to this mani. What do you guys think of Ivanka as a gradient? On a lighter green or even blue, I think it would look even more fabulous!

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