Friday, March 1, 2013

Love and Beauty Red Glitter

I'm not going to be too talkative in today's post. I'm showing you a mani that I wore for a while despite it's relatively plain status. This is Forever 21 Love and Beauty Red Glitter. I am a sucker for glittery red polishes like this one and I do have a few. It's certainly not very unique but still a very pretty color. I wore it over a coat of a no-name red I had from ages ago but I'm not really sure that an underwear is needed with this polish.

NailaDay: Love and Beauty Red Glitter

The camera does show a slight hint of visible nail line which was undetectable in real life. Worn by itself, it would probably take three coats for coverage. Here, I used two coats. It is a bit top coat hungry so I have two layers of top coat on it. I usually do one coat of Revlon Colorstay topcoat followed by a quick dry top coat once that's dry. 

NailaDay: Love and Beauty Red Glitter

NailaDay: Love and Beauty Red Glitter

I am certainly looking forward to stamping on this in the future. Till next time...


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