Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New goals, new manis and new additions!!

Wow, so another long absence!! Let me show you the reason for that...

As I'm writing this today, he is a little over two weeks old and between him and his older brother, we are being kept very busy!! However, I am slowly starting to find some time to sit and work on blog posts so hopefully you will be seeing a lot of manis coming up in the next few weeks. I have been keeping up with painting my nails but instead of trying to get nail art done, I've been satisfied with just painting my nails uniformly with a single color and experimenting with layering and mixing polishes. Someday, I will have time for nail art again! I've also been trying to swatch all the polishes in my collection on my nails so once in a while, you might get a deluge of polish swatches you may or may not care about.

I obviously must show you guys what I was wearing on my nails when this guy was born. I was wearing Sally Hansen CSM Indigo Waves and I have terrible pictures of it. I never got around to taking good pictures because I wasn't sure I liked it, I smudged the index finger, wasn't happy with the application etc. Of course, now there's no question of me keeping it :-) It's grown on me and I'll have to wear it again and take better pictures next time. But for now....

NailaDay: Sally Hansen CSM Indigo Waves

This first picture was taken on the way to the hospital, when I realized this was it. The next picture was taken almost a week after I put it on. You can see the growth at the cuticles and I'd filed off some tipwear but it held up pretty well! I thought there would be some duochrome to be seen based on what the bottle looks like but it's hard to see on the nail. I was trying to find it in the above picture.

NailaDay: Sally Hansen CSM Indigo Waves

I have a new favorite regimen for base and top coat. Base coat - Finger Paints base coat. Topcoat - first Revlon Colorstay Topcoat (discontinued, which is why I bought a bunch on Amazon) and Seche Vite immediately afterwards. This combination has been really really good to me so far.

Ok, well thanks for making it this far and hopefully I'll be back soon!

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