Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Accessorize Damselfly

Today I have the third and last of the speckle polishes I own by Accessorize called Damselfly. You can see my other two, Ladybird and Dragonfly, in prior posts. This one has got to be my favorite of the three so you'll get to see a lot of pictures.

NailaDay: Accessorize Damselfly

It's a sky blue creme polish with uniform glitters of dark blue and gold within it. It looks soooo lovely on my nails!! I didn't want to take it off. All of the polishes seem to have insect themed polishes but I didn't know what a damselfly was...so I looked up courtesy of Wikipedia. Here is a representation of this insect. It's pretty and I think the polish captures its colors really well!

Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damselfly
NailaDay: Accessorize Damselfly

I've since discovered that this polish is also a dupe for Nails Inc Pudding Lane so...yay! Here's more pictures to entertain you.

NailaDay: Accessorize Damselfly

NailaDay: Accessorize Damselfly

Hope you enjoyed my trio of Accessorize speckle polish posts. I have more Accessorize polishes coming up in future posts but they'll be different finishes from this one.

Thanks for looking!!

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