Saturday, May 30, 2015

Accessorize Ladybird

Over the next few posts, I'll be showing you swatches of another brand from the UK that I picked up during my trip to London a couple of years back. I found these polishes very very interesting because I normally don't wear polishes like this. After trying these on though, I won't be so quick to dismiss other polishes that look like these in the future. Today's polish is Accessorize Ladybird. Yes, I know. With a polish that looks like this, why wouldn't it just be called Ladybug? I don't know. I checked it a few times just to make sure.

NailaDay: Accessorize Ladybird

This is a red jelly polish with uniformly sized small black matte glitters. Which very much gives it a bug like feel. I really really wasn't sure about it when I started putting on the first coat. The glitters were spread out unevenly, it was lumpy, it looked weird. After the third coat though, I started to really like it! In fact, the longer I kept it on, the more I liked it!

NailaDay: Accessorize Ladybird

You can see from looking at the bottle that it actually has a dark base and it did look a little darker than this on my nails in real life. All in all, this was a win for me and I am looking forward to wearing this polish again in the future.
Thanks for looking!

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