Friday, May 29, 2015

Born Pretty Holo #3 over Barry M Shocking Pink

      I have a really yummy holo polish to show you guys today! Over the last year or so, I have found a new love for really bright pinks. The bolder the better and this particular combination fit that bill perfectly!

NailaDay: Born Pretty Holo #3 over Barry M Shocking Pink

      I had bought a bunch of Born Pretty holographic polishes a while ago and have just now started trying them all out in my effort to swatch my entire stash. This isn't exactly a proper swatch though, since it's over Barry M Shocking Pink. The Born Pretty polish had looked a little sheer with one coat so I wondered how it would look over a really bright pink and it didn't disappoint! This is two coats over the Barry M pink. I'll show swatches of that in a different post.

NailaDay: Born Pretty Holo #3 over Barry M Shocking Pink

These polishes come in a 6 ml square bottle. The short cap does make handling it somewhat awkward but the polish itself does not have any formula issues and the bristles themselves are long and flexible enough to make application relatively easy.

NailaDay: Born Pretty Holo #3 over Barry M Shocking Pink

The holo flame in these polishes is not particularly strong. It is pretty apparent in certain indoor lighting or bright sunlight but fairly non existent in other lighting. That being said, the base color in this particular shade was so lovely that I really didn't mind. I wore this for almost a week without getting bored.

NailaDay: Born Pretty Holo #3 over Barry M Shocking Pink

Although the product here is something I bought myself, I have recently been contacted by the Born Pretty Store to review a sample of some of their other products. I don't have those products right now but I do have a discount code you can start using. Use "PRK31"  during checkout to get 10% off your future purchases and look out for my review of more products on this blog at a later date!

These polishes and other Born Pretty products can be purchased on their website. Looks like the price of some the polishes have gone up somewhat since I bought them a couple of years ago, which is a shame. Most of them still look reasonably priced, especially with sales and discount codes that are available.

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