Friday, May 15, 2015

Stash Swatches - some A England polishes

I decided sometime towards the end of last year that I was going to create swatches of all the polishes I own. I now own such a boatload of polishes that this project is going to take me years! But, I do have a few under way already. I have my polishes organized alphabetically so that's how I started swatching them. I might not stick to this rule though. I'll never get to my Zoyas! First up are the four A England polishes I have. All of the polish are very opaque holographic polishes. The holographic quality is more scattered than strongly linear and I wasn't really able to get some of them to show that well this time around. They were all either one or two easy coats. These polishes are opaque enough to be stamping polishes.

This first picture is of A England St. George, a wonderful teal holographic polish.
NailaDay - A England swatches - Saint George

This is Lady of the Lake, a really pretty shade of purple.
NailaDay - A England swatches - Lady of the Lake

This gorgeous blue polish is Tristam. There is a slight purple tone to it, making it almost blurple looking in certain lights. Blurple is one of my favorite colors!
NailaDay - A England swatches - Tristam

Finally, this is an older swatch that I've shown on this blog before. I'm showing it here again for completeness sake.
NailaDay - A England swatches - Dragon

I think it will be interesting to see if I'm able to get my entire stash swatched. I haven't put any deadlines on it so I could be doing this for a long long time to come....

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