Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Green on green dots with Urban Outfitter Smush

Oh man, did life get suddenly busy as I'm looking for daycare for my older son! Who knew the waitlists could run so long at some of these places? Kicking myself for not starting earlier but then again, not sure how I could have started earlier with how busy I was. I hope, I hope, I hope we get a good daycare for him!

Anyway, on to the polish!! This is an old old manicure that I'm just getting around to posting now. This is Urban Outfitter Smush. I decorated it with some dots with a few other green polishes. You can see all the polishes I used below. The Sinful Color polish is San Francisco, an awesome shimmery dark green.

NailaDay: Urban Outfitter Smush with green dots

NailaDay: Urban Outfitter Smush with green dots

Even though I wore this a while ago, I remember that Smush was not super easy to work with. Might have been my skill with application or how I tired I was but I remember being very unhappy with how much dragging and streaking I was getting. I'm going to have to try it again sometime to see if that issue is still there. Another thing I remember is how awkward it was for me to hold the bottle and take pictures. It's a fat cube! That being said, the shape is kind of cool and unique.

NailaDay: Urban Outfitter Smush with green dots

Again, thanks for looking! Until next time!

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