Monday, June 1, 2015

Accessorize Dragonfly

Continuing with the Accessorize brand, today I'm going to show you the second of the three Speckle polishes I own from this brand. These came out in 2012 and that's when I picked them up when I went on a vacation to London. This one is called Dragonfly.

NailaDay: Accessorize Dragonfly

I love the green shade of this polish quite a bit. Not all green shades work for me but this one was pretty and complimentary. It's a muted green but it's got a jade like look and the purple glitters in it really make the whole thing stand out. 

NailaDay: Accessorize Dragonfly

I wore three coats to get the look here. The glitter density is good as you can see here and I had no trouble getting them on my nail or getting them to spread evenly. This is a good spring shade. As the name implies, I can imagine the purple glitter as the dragonflies fluttering among the green of the grass.

NailaDay: Accessorize Dragonfly

All in all, I really loved it. I liked it better than the last one I showed you, Ladybird. I saved my favorite of the three speckle polishes I own for last, however. I will show you that one in my next post! Stay tuned :-)

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