Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stash swatch - Andrea Fulerton Kylie

Hello everyone!

We are back to swatches from my stash and I just adore the polish I am going to be showing you guys today. I never thought I would have strong feelings about a white polish. I never imagined I would wear white on it's own. It's always been a nothing sort of a color to me. Something that works as a base for other polishes or to be used in nail art but nothing that deserved recognition of its own. Until this one, Andrea Fulerton Kylie.

NailaDay: Andrea Fulerton Kylie

NailaDay: Andrea Fulerton Kylie

This white is almost jelly like with fine microshimmer particles of lilac and silver, giving it a bit of a duochrome quality. It's very shimmery. It took me three coats for opacity.

NailaDay: Andrea Fulerton Kylie

NailaDay: Andrea Fulerton Kylie

Can you see the lilac glints in the pictures above? Isn't it divine? I'm such a huge fan of this polish and I'm really glad I picked it up! What do you guys think of white manicures? Boring or amazing?

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