Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stash Swatch - Zoya Savita

The one color I probably have the most of in my stash is purple. I can't get sick of it. I have so many different iterations of this color and yet every time I find a new purple, I have to have it. So, with all the purple polishes I have, I still find this one to be pretty special. This is Zoya Savita from the Matte Velvet collection.

This polish is an amazing dark purple matte that is almost a one coater with careful application but I did two out of habit. I need more practice polishing with matte polishes because they dry so fast. My application was less than perfect in these swatches.

NailaDay: Swatch Zoya Savita

NailaDay - Swatch Zoya Savita

Still, I love it!! This polish actually makes me drool. Adding a topcoat really brings this shade to life. Look at the shimmer in the sun!!

NailaDay - Swatch Zoya Savita

NailaDay - Swatch Zoya Savita

Aaahh, how amazing is that? Is that little pink and blue shimmer in there? I don't know but whatever that shimmer is, it gives the polish more character than it might otherwise have had.

NailaDay - Swatch Zoya Savita

Well, I'm going to keep it short and leave you guys with that. My son has a bad viral illness of some sort and he is just so sick :-( A cold, diarrhea, fatigue. He's got to be feeling awful. Until next time guys!!

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