Sunday, May 12, 2013

Funky Fingers Primrose (How I figured out how to make pearly pinks work for me)

Hi people! As I'm typing this up, I'm listening to the newest album put out by Penn Masala, one of my favorite acapella groups next to Pentatonix. They are out of University of Pennsylvania and these guys create such wonderful acapella mash ups of popular Indian and American songs. They may not be everyone's style but they sure can sing! I'm not at all affiliated to them. I'm just an acapella geek :-)

NailaDay: Funky Fingers Primrose Mattified

The polish I'm showing you in this mani is another Funky Fingers called Primrose. I never thought I'd be drawn to pearly pinks like this but the purple duochrome shift in the bottle kind of decided it for me in the store.

NailaDay: Funky Fingers Primrose Mattified

Once I had it on my nails, I once again started doubting my choice. It was sheer, showed brushstrokes and didn't seem to show the duochrome as much. The picture below shows what it looked like by itself. The color was unique enough on my nails that I didn't want to take it off. So, I put my Sinful Colors matte top coat on it. Instant love!!!

NailaDay: Funky Fingers Primrose

The accent nail design is from the Gals plate GA 44 and the dots are done with Barry M Plum. The two pictures below are iPhone pictures in sunlight and in the shade. I feel like the iPhone pictures are good to show certain true to life characteristics that my actual camera doesn't pick up. Plus, it's so handy when I'm out and about!

NailaDay: Funky Fingers Primrose Mattified

NailaDay: Funky Fingers Primrose Mattified

What do you guys think of pinks like this? I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this one as long as I don't wear it by itself.

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