Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sally Hansen Trouble Maker

Hi everybody!

I am in the state of California for the first time in my life and I like it! It sunny, warm but not hot, and actually not too humid. My skin loves the sun! It's been missing it for months now. I've got a few minutes before dinner so I thought I'd get this post up.

NailaDay: Sally Hansen CSM Trouble Maker

The major color in this is Sally Hansen CSM Trouble Maker. It's a nice dark plummy grape color without being so dark that it looks black. The formula was great. This is two coats. I love the paddle brush that comes with this line. The brush with the formula gives me a great line at the cuticle with very minimal clean up. It doesn't drag because of being too stiff.

NailaDay: Sally Hansen CSM Trouble Maker

The accent nail is done with Savina Dolphins. It's a brand I've found at Nordstrom Rack. It's a medium grey polish that dried to a rubbery matte finish. I've already topcoated it here but I need to wear it alone someday to see if I like that finish. The stamp came from Cheeky XL plate E.

NailaDay: Sally Hansen CSM Trouble Maker

This picture was taken after I took the accent nail off and repainted it in preparation for something else. You can see the scratches on the older paint! What did I do next? That's for the next post!


  1. This is a gorgeous color....oooooo! Also, welcome to California. I live in Sacramento and smiled a bit at your saying it was "sunny, warm but not hot, and actually not too humid," as though all of California was the same temperature (I know you didn't mean it that way). California's temperature can range from nearly always cool on the coast in the northern most part of the state, to very, VERY warm in the summer in the huge valley going right down the middle of the state after it "bends." (By that I mean if you picture the shape of California as a sock, the bend is where the ankle meets the, did that clarify anything or make it worse?) As for humidity, we are can be scorching sometimes but we like to say, "At least it's a dry heat." Just curious, where are you visiting in California? From your temperature description, I'm going to guess you aren't in the typical tourist destination of Los Angeles. I think you're actually in my neck of the woods. Did I guess right? :) Enjoy your visit!

  2. Love the color and it looks wonderful on you. :D
    And many congrats for the baby boy on the way!!!!


  3. Aww, thank you on both counts!


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