Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Mani: Day 11 - Envy (aka. My first quilted nails, with Urban Outfitters Smush)

Hello everyone!

Time for another Deadly Sins Challenge mani. The prompt for this one is Envy. "Who would you like to be? Let us know recreating another challenger's work." When I first saw this manicure by Nail Wish, one of the creators of this challenge, I knew I had to do it for this week. It's a technique that I had been wanting to do ever since I saw the first one on Instagram but it was her mani and this challenge that clinched it for me.

NailaDay: Urban Outfitters Smush quilted mani

The color I used is Urban Outfitters Smush. I obviously didn't recreate her mani exactly...(her's is better). I didn't want yet another purple mani but I wanted something in the pastels so I chose this. I also didn't have the little tiny pearls so I used Revlon Metallic for the intersections of the lines. This is three coats of Smush, followed by a coat of Sinful Colors Over the Top topcoat, then Hard Candy matte topcoat. I waited for it to mostly dry then I used the edge of my scraper to create the lines. The angle is all wrong on the ring finger. I'll just pretend it's an accent :-)

NailaDay: Urban Outfitters Smush quilted mani

I really did like the end result, even though I need practice and it could be more refined. Maybe a less matte matte topcoat next time.... What do you guys think?

Oh, also, there is this thing I do with my husband for every manicure I do. I ask him to rate it on a scale of 1-10 based on his opinions and preferences. His answer usually surprises and amuses me. For instance, hubby rated this initially a 9/10 for uniqueness. Then when he found out that I wasn't going to be putting a glossy topcoat over it, it became a 2/10 because "it's not finished until you put the shiny stuff on top. I can't give a good rating to something you don't finish." :-D


Please let me know what you think! I love, love reading comments so don't be shy! Leave comments, questions, suggestions and I will reply as soon as I can.

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