Sunday, May 26, 2013

L&B Cherry with SH Glass Slipper and last weekend update!

Hiya folks! How is everyone's Memorial Day weekend going? I've had a good weekend so far but I'm on call tomorrow so we'll see how the rest of it goes. In today's post, I want to show you guys not only my mani from last weekend but I'm going to get personal again and show you some photos of my weekend away in the Pocanos mountains :-) We decided that with the baby on the way, we need to do something that felt like a true vacation because who knows when we would be able to do that again! The place we picked to go to was a small chalet/B&B/spa type place somewhere in the Pocanos. This place was so isolated!! The nearest village looked like it had maybe 200 people in it.

The first full day we were there was really nice. Sunny and warm but not too hot. We went hiking in the woods. Of course I got tired way earlier than I would have normally so it wasn't an extensive hike by any means.

Of course, before getting started on the hike, my first priority was doing my nails! We drove there so I had no problems bringing a few shades along with me. I chose a classic bright red color, something I haven't worn since pre-blogging days. This is Love and Beauty Cherry. It is a scented polish but it didn't a particularly smell like cherries to me.

NailaDay: Love and Beauty Cherry

NailaDay: Love and Beauty Cherry

The sun was peeking in and out at this point so some of these pictures are in full sunlight and some are more shaded. This is two coats, could have probably gone with three for the pictures. The formula itself was pretty easy to work with. This is me entertaining myself while taking pictures of my nails.

I love how my nails showed up as the only pop of color in a sea of neutrals. That night we had a somewhat formal dinner at a french restaurant that was part of this place.

The next day, I happened to catch the Polishcart's post on Sally Hansen Glass Slipper so when we went driving around that day into town, I took the chance to nab that beautiful polish. We also saw this on the way back. A touristy knickknacks store with a lot of metal lawn art in the front...

A lot.....

This is one of the truly better belly pictures of this time. And....I have my eyes closed.

This is my mani with Glass Slipper on it.

NailaDay: Love and Beauty Cherry and Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

NailaDay: Love and Beauty Cherry and Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

NailaDay: Love and Beauty Cherry and Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

Hope this post wasn't too long for you! Usually I'm kind of too lazy to put a lot of pictures up but this weekend had been really fun!!


  1. You and your husband are sooo cute! Love that your blog's not just about nails! Thought I'd show you my blog because I have a giveaway going right now! :)

  2. You look lovely. Best of luck for your baby. God bless!


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