Sunday, April 10, 2016

Barielle Green Opal

Hi everyone! Here is another Barielle swatch. This is one of those weird/ugly/cool colors that may not be for everyone. It's a greenish gold metallic chrome color. I am not really sure it's for me. In the pictures I kind of like it but I'll have to wear it again to see if it's something I could be happy about. I certainly didn't have any problems with the formula. This was two pretty easy coats. Up close, it has these tiny microflecks of yellow gold glitter that do add some depth and sparkle to the shade. 

NailaDay: Barielle Green Opal

NailaDay: Barielle Green Opal

The above two pictures were taken in my light box and the picture below was taken in daylight.

NailaDay: Barielle Green Opal

So, in other news, we just celebrated my younger son's first birthday! When I look back on these posts, that statement is going to confuse the hell out of me. I took these pictures early 2015 sooo....yeah, I'm over a year behind on posting all my pictures. Like I said in a much earlier post, I'm going to be going back and forth between old and new manis as I try to get caught up with my backlog of pictures from last year. I can't believe I'm still so far behind!!
Anyway, back to my son. We tried to give him a small piece to eat after the cake cutting but the poor guy was so tired by then that it was a full meltdown. He didn't like the frosting on his fingers and that was enough to tip him over the edge. But, other than that minor wrench, it was a good day.

Again, thanks for visiting!

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